Tournament Timeline


The Following is a history put together by Will Cena, broadcaster for Sports Central, and Senior Writer for the Major League Whiffleball Hall of Fame.  Will has been around since almost the beginning and has always been in a position to report the facts, as he sees them.  You will always be given a clear cut picture of what he thinks happened.... not always what really happened.

June 2, 2000 - The wedding of Eileen and Brian Venn, during the festivities friends discuss finding a reason to get together each year to hang out and get caught up.  Really at this point the tournament isn't even "the tournament" yet, just passing conversation.
Jeff Brisbin spearheads the movement, spending lavishly his political capital, in an effort to get the deal done.  His work is rewarded as he is the reason the tournament had a humble beginning.


June 14, 2001 - An impromptu conversation between Brian Venn and Jeff Brisbin re-kindles discussion of a whiffleball tournament.  The greatest hurdle being that people are spread out across the country, and it would be difficult to get everyone in one place. 

June 21, 2001 - More and more interest keeps appearing and the original ground work is laid.  People start to plan and a date is set, Labor Day weekend 2001.  The pipe-dream becomes a reality!  All the hard work Jeff Brisbin put forth yields results.  Jeff successfully campaigns across the country to bring parties together.  The Tournament has a Beginning!!!

June 30, 2001 - A planning committee is formed and the first location for the Venn Memorial Fall Classic, as it was known then is chosen.  SPAC in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York will be the back drop for the 1st ever tournament! 

August 12, 2001 - The debut of Will Cena and Dick Forskins on Sports Central.  The inaugural telecast marks broadcast history, the Wrily Cup is BORN! The first time the trophy was named and announced, also the original 6 teams were announced!  ( Ball Burners, Corn, Eugene Reign, Team Blue, Cheesecake, and the Old Timers.)


September 2, 2001 - The Tournament goes off without a hitch!  The Ball Burners win the first ever Fall Classic and "the late, great" Brian Venn is awarded the MVP trophy by the committee.


September 4, 2001 - Jeff Brisbin goes home to Eugene planning and plotting how best to recruit Brian Venn to join his team, while crying into Jenna's drink.

January 20, 2002 - Will Cena and Dick Forskins release the first ever movie documenting all the grandeur that is the Fall Classic.  To rolling applause and thundering cheers, the 3 people in the audience were visibly shaken because of the laughter.

June 10, 2002 - It's decided that the 2002 Tournament will be held at the townhouse of Eileen and Brian Venn, though not as spacious as SPAC, the hallowed grounds are more than sufficeint to host the event.  The planning committee begins the process of expansion and sends out an invite to all comers who think they deserve the oppurtunity to win Wrily's Cup.  This is when the Wrily Cup became the official name moving forward for the highly valued Trophy.  One of the smallest moments in the Tournaments long history but to date, one of the most meaningful moments in memory.

July 4, 2002 - The first appearance of PorkChop!  The original registration was for a club called Team Schodack, General Manager Pat Flynn brings his hard nose style of ball play to the hallowed field.

August 10, 2002 - Ryan Blauvelt signs with Jamie Paro, and the Bushwackers are formed.  It would be a long drive to deep center that would cost Ryan his sanity during the Tournament to come, that would send him down a spiral from which he still hasn't returned.


Sept 4, 2002 - The 2nd Annual Fall Classic, Team Schodack (soon to be PorkChop!)  would win the day when a controversial call late in the tournament cost the Ball Burners their second straight title.  Ball Burners captain Brian Venn is visibly shaken, and breaks down when the final out is tallied.  Pat Flynn wins his first MVP trophy and team Schodack shows they are no flash in the pan, like some other rookie newcomers.


December 1, 2002 - The Fall Classic gets a new name and a new home!  Venn Memorial Field is purchased by the planning committee and site work begins on the Venn Memorial Complex.  3 years in the making, the committee starts planning the field design and an offical commissioner is appointed.  "The Commish" establishes a written list of official rules and regulations for game play and team management.  The "Noone left behind" initiative is established and the first full time female players break into the league.  Go women LIB!!! "The Commish" also establishes the new name of the event during his state of the game speech.  The 3rd Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is named for the late, great Sonny Venn, the man responsible for introducing Brian Venn to the sport.



 January 15, 2003 - Will Cena and Dick Forskins release the 2nd Annual Fall Classic Documentary.  The fan mail takes about 5 minutes to open and Dick and Will make sure they write back to each and every fan.  All five of them.....

May 25, 2003 - Ground is broken on the first "permanent" walls in the outfield.  Volunteers help from other team GM's and players. The walls go up and the first games are actually played on what is now called Championship Field!  To be there that day.... I still have goosebumps as I write this.  There was a tear in the eye of the commissioner as the first Home Runs were belted over the walls.  A day in Whiffleball lore that will never be forgotten.June 1st, 2003 - The Diamond and Solid Balls are introduced to league play.  Some say it's juiced, some say it can't be hit.  This report thinks it is an advantage to the pitcher unless it's left over the middle.



August 20, 2003 - More Whiffleball games are played in one day than ever before as a second field, "the Junior Circuit" is leveled, rolled and stripped!  A tune up for the Fall Classic was a success!!

Sept 2, 2003 - The 3rd Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is held.  The Wiffleball world is shocked as Team Louie claims the Wrily Cup.  George Burke and Kyle, two crafty OLD veterans take the Ball Burners into the night and win the championship in extra innings!  Team Louie would return to defend their title in 2004, unsuccessfully.  After the 2004 campaign Team Louie drifted away into obscurity. Note: Ric "The Stick" Mangona sets the sinlge season Batting Average Record with an .875 BA.  It's in a losing effort for the upstart Revolver's but to this day is thought to be one of the untouchable records in MLW.Jan 15, 2004 - The long awaited third installment from 5 fat guys entertainment, the Venn Memorial Tournament  mockumentary premiers on the world wide web.  To date it is still the most viewed of anything put out by the 5 fat guys. 


Sept 4, 2004 - The 4th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is held at the New Venn Memorial Complex!  A second field is added with a pool in the triple and home run areas of left and center fields.  The number of teams expanses to 12 and triple elimination format is implemented.  A rookie team coming all the way from Boston, Ma are the champions.  The Favorites are crowned champs and the team captain wets his bed from partying.  A disgusting display in this reporters opinion, so unfortunate on what would become a historical weekend.  The infamous" twinkle toes"  incedent occurs during a Revolvers game, when Jeff B sr goes ass over tea kettle trying to catch a hit to the gap.  Coined "Twinkle Toes" by Dick Foreskins during the broadcast of the game, it is one of the most well know lore in Venn Memorial HIstory to date.  Sept 3, 2005 - The 5th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is held.  For the first time in history the number of teams drops, only nine teams participate in the tournament.  The victory goes to Porn on the Cob, a team led by Jerry R aka "the Captain".  The clutch hitting of Jerry and a No-Hitter thrown in the Championship game by Eli, an "Old" up and coming pitcher, won the day.  The side arm delivery of Eli baffled hitters all day  long, including former MVP Brian V of the Boston Massacre in the championship game.  Eli's gem would be the first No-Hitter in the history of the tournament, but not the last.  




July 22, 2006 - The 6th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is held for the first time in mid-summer.  The day is hot and humid, a new twist to the normally chilly Labor Day Weekend schedule.  PorkChop! wins their second Wrily Cup, formerly (Team Schodack).

July 23, 2007 - The 7th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is claimed by the rookie team Belgian Whiffles!

July 19, 2008 - The 8th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament is captured by the Ballston BallbagsIn an controversial outcome, 602 Columbia was unable to make the Championship Game date.  A Round Robin Tournament is started with the 4 teams that had the best record at the end of the Tournament. (Done because of a three way tie in the standings.)   

Boston Massacre, Ramrod, Killer Klowns and The Ballston Ballbags are pitted against one another in a Round Robin format.  The Ballston Ballbags stun Ramrod is one of the largest upsets ever in MLW History.  Ramrod is a double digit favorite in the best 2 out of 3 game Finals.  The Ballston Ballbags win game 1, Ramrod takes Game 2.  Game 3 becomes one of the greatest all time championship games in VMF History as the Ballston Ballbags win!!

July 25th, 2009 - The 9th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament becomes the moment Ramrod has been waiting for!  The first chance to sip Champagne on Tournament day.

July 24th, 2010 - The 10th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament The Whiffle Kings Strike Gold!!

July 30th, 2011 - The 11th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament saw the first time back to back Champions, as The Whiffle Kings win Title Number 2!

July 28th, 2012 - The 12th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament  --- "Three-Peat"  The Whiffle Kings win a third straight Wrily Cup Title




July 27th, 2013 - The 13th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament - Broke Bat Mountain take the Wrily Cup





August 2nd, 2014 - The 14th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament - Colt45 take the Wrily Cup




2015 - The 15th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament - The ThunderCats take the Wrily Cup



 2016 - The 16th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament - The A's take the Wrily Cup




July 29th, 2017 - The 17th Annual Venn Memorial Tournament

One day following the first draft in tournament history, Wolfpack overcomes a 0-3 start to climb to the pinnacle of competitive sports, battling Colt 45 in an extra inning marathon to win the coveted Wrily Cup by a final score of 1-0.