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Ric "The Stick" Mangona:

A lifetime .612 hitter, Ric was a master of the original yellow whiffleball bats.  "Butters" as they are affectionately referred to today, are a thing of the past.  In past interviews Ric has commented, "Who is the real Master?  The hitter that is successful with the new era style of bats, or the hitter that is a Master of the Classical form.  I say a True Master is the person using a yellow bat.."

Starting his career in the Venn Memorial Tournament, Ric first played on the roster of CheeseCake.  It was a lack luster year that saw the club eliminated early on.  "The Stick" was picked by the Revolvers in 2002 thru Free Agency.  Wasting no time at all Ric produced going 5 for 13 with 4 doubles, a sign of what was to come. 

2003 was Ric's coming out year!  Posting one of the best individual season's on record.  23 at-bats, 7 walks, 14 hits including 3 Triples and 2 Home Runs.  An .875 batting average that to date still stands as the best single season average of all time.  (Thought to be one of the records that will never be touched.)

Ric wrapped up his career with the Revolvers, part of the rebuilding effort by Marc Roggen, GM of the Revolvers.  A keen batter's eye and the determination of a lion made Ric one of the most feared hitter's with runner's in scoring position. 


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