Quickly identify the core of the replica watches

In short, there is a direct correlation between the quality of the fake watch and the price of the watch. Although you can't simply say cheap fake rolex watches, cheap watches makers won't use precious metals and hand-polished.

This can be seen in several ways, such as plate shape, polishing, stability, power reserve time, machine thickness. Watch, it does not come back, only when the movement core is stable and accurate, but dare to show the core of the machine, and the core is the basis of the hour system.

This Swiss replica watches, which costs less than 30,000 yuan, is difficult to jump off the ordinary ETA engine. Good stability and lack of beauty. More than 30,000 yuan, into the Rolex-grade stainless steel fake watches. But the UV watch doesn't show the bottom, you don't see the Rolex's stable and durable core.

More than 60,000 can enjoy the family table, real power, replica watches and other Chopin homemade movements, you will see the "Geneva Bar" and even the precious metal polishing automatic order.

With more than 100,000, you can meet the "Geneva Seal" of the movement, which is basically the highest level of Swiss major automotive manufacturing technology. Patek Philippe - is all produced in 2009 - the brand logo "Geneva Imprint", 2009 - the certification system "Punk Phillips" live "Geneva Imprint", created by the company "Punk Phillips" registered "Patrick Philippe replica logo".