What is the design of the main part of the replica watches

There are several important factors in the design of the fake watch.

Try to be strong and powerful. Make sure the core is strong enough to withstand the various shocks in everyday use. It may take as long as possible (through a hat or a few replica watches boxes) after completion.

Beautiful and elegant. The design of the machine board should be full of curves replica rolex and aesthetics. Manually polish the details so that there are no defects under the microscope.

All of this is taken into account, which is basically a good core for the machine.

Slim Thin is the basis of the core design of the replica watches. Only the host is relatively thin, and the overall ability of the watch can be relatively thin and create beauty. It also makes room for the formation of the shell and the body decoration (including the installation of filling stones or decorative fittings). One of the watch design masters said: The main problem with designing watches is the cosmic problem. In square inches, there are as many factors as possible, and each designer's test rejects all unnecessary factors. According to Cal, the automatic cash register has 240 pearls on the main counter. For example, many people can only use this time in a few seconds. Due to the special arrangement of the gear train, the 240 movement, the small part of the hand is a very local starting position. Direct display can destroy the overall dialing aesthetic. If you add a second hand, the fake watches will become more and more difficult. Finally, punk Phillips will give up a small hand to ensure the overall aesthetic value of the watch.