The fake watches are not worn for a long time

There is no fake watch in the store for a long time, namotuvavshy regularly once a month, the automatic movement of the watch should be gently back and forth for a few minutes or worn on the wrist for a period of time to make it automatically wind, replica rolex watches the details do not work for a long time, provide the work of the machine.

A quartz replica watches with a typical hand should move the knob to the group and the second - at the stop position. Remove the battery, do not let the battery leak, drain the core and make a white powder Rolex replica to grab your teeth.

You should wipe off the dust and sweat before leaving the fake rolex. The replica watches has 24 hours to prevent wear on the body because the body metabolizes and easily straps for hours, accumulates dirt, fades gold-plated details, and stainless steel or tightens the belt.

Every two years to pay attention to the best maintenance for two years can extend the service support items including: inspection, washing oil, lubricants and accurate measurements.

The watch collection must be protected from the use of fabrics, insect repellents, etc., as their chemicals fake Rolex continue to be emitted by breaking the hourly grease.

Pay attention to the water resistance of the replica watches and reduce the water vapor. Please place it in a dry and humid place during the collection process.