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Congrats to the 2017 Wrily Cup Champions WOLFPACK! 

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It’s time again for the Venn Memorial Tournament! It’s hard to believe that it’s the 18th year.
The day is Saturday June 23, 2018
Team Registration begins at 8:00am and ends at 8:45am.  Teams will be expected to be on the field ready to play by 9:00am. 


This year’s food is being catered by JB’s Barbecue!  Jeremy will once again be working his magic serving Philly Cheese Steaks, Hamburgers, Hotdogs Complete with all the fixings and a clam bar!! HHHmm!  Water/Soda will be included as well.

Now for the bad news… The cost will be $40 per player this year as the cost has increased not only for food and beverage but also equipment.(Note: Non-Players pay only $25, kids under 12 FREE)

I look forward to seeing all of you at this year’s outing and thanks again for everyone’s continued involvement in such a fun event!

Here is the address for GPS:

953 Main St.
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Thanks in advance!  See you ALL SOON!

The Commish

PS: Items you should bring:

Towel, Sunglasses, Chair, Sunscreen, Fun Attitude and Willingness to lay it all out there for the Wrily Cup!



Officially Updated Rules

Official Rules for Venn Memorial Field


1. All Players must show absolute sportmanship at all times.

2. Teams are drafted.  A Supplimental Draft occurs each year for new players.

3. The Tournament is triple elimination, unless otherwise stated by the Commissioner.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING TO THE UMPIRE IN A RUDE OR CRITICAL MANNER. Please remember that this day is about fun and there are small children present. A little smack-talk is always fun, and there is no doubt that rivalries can become emotional, but keep the talk between teams. If anyone has an honest beef about how the ump is calling the game, DO NOT ADDRESS the ump!! Come to the Commissioner (Brian), in a calm manner, and ask me to watch for a few minutes. If I’m in a game please ask Jeff Paro, or Pat Flynn, to watch for a few minutes. We will address any problems we see immediately, and umps have been replaced mid-game. Your complaints do not fall on deaf ears, we will watch. If you do talk to an ump, and I hear it you will be warned. The Ump has a right to lay down a warning as well. Second time you lose closest base runner to the plate, or the other team will be awarded a base runner thus pushing all runners ahead one position. Third time you are out of the game! No questions asked!!! No reinstatement for the day!!!! The last thing I need is a brawl because of whiffleball. It’s a buzz kill for everyone and it’s not accepted at all! It’s hard enough to find GOOD Umps’, I don’t need poor sports to chase them away on me.

4A. Each team will volunteering someone for umpiring duty. Losing Team provides the UMPIRE for the next game on that field.Umpires are fully expected to keep stats as they call the game, make sure your volunteer is capable.

5. 3 outs per inning. Regulation Game is 5 innings. 3 Strike, 4 Ball count. Championship Game is 7 innings. Please take your time and enjoy the game, and the day. Don’t feel rushed, step out of the batters box between pitches if you wish. If you feel the pitcher is rushing please ask the ump to have him slow up a bit. A pitcher is expected to be aware of the batters position in or out of the box, so don’t start your wind up unless you see the batter is addressing you in a ready manner. Also Pitchers if you feel a batter is taking to long between pitches ask the ump to have them step in or not honor time between every pick. Again, enjoy the day! It only happens once a year. That being said no SHOWBOATING, play ready ball. This is a gentlemen’s sport after all.

6. THE STRIKE-ZONE - - changes for each individual. It’s from the bottom of your knee to the top of your shoulders, in a normal baseball stance. Crouching way down does you no good, the Umps have been instructed to call an aggressive strike-zone. The Plate is NOT the strike-zone! It’s a point of reference ONLY! The width from batters box line to batters box line is also a strike. So if a ball is just off the plate, but still inside the batters box line, just below the top of your knee, it’s gonna be called a strike! If you are one of those people that claims your batting stance is “just always that low and compact…..” toughsh*t the ump is gonna call a strike at your eyes then!

7. At any one time there can only be 2 outfielders, a shortstop and one pitcher on the field. The pitcher is the only player allowed to field a ground out. If he/she stops the ball before the infield-line, cleanly it’s considered a groundout. Cleanly is defined as – without any bobbling, and/or slippage. If the player traps the ball against the body, cleanly, it’s an out. Cleanly, is not just applying to a player’s hands. If the pitcher goes to field a ball and it hops up on him and he traps it with his forearm against his chest, it’s an out. If the player fields a grounder and it hops up hits his leg, then he traps it with his forearm and chest it’s an error/single. Rule of thumb – if it hits the body in 2 different places it’s a hit. Trapping the ball into the ground is NOT an out. If the pitcher fields a groundout with any runners in a push position a double play is executed. If the bases are loaded, outs are at home and first.

7A. If the pitcher fields the ball cleanly before the line and momentum carries them out of bounds or over the infield-line it’s an out. Umpire’s call is FINAL!

8. In the outfield you can rob a homerun. If you jump/dive, your take-off point must be in fair territory (One foot only required). If your momentum carries you over the wall or homerun line, but you control the catch it’s an out. Ruling is by the umpire. Honesty is always welcome.

9. The Dreaded Box! If the ball touches box cleanly or off the bat it’s an automatic out. If it hits the batter and then goes into the box, it’s not an out. If it hits the ground and bounces into the box, it’s not an out. Umpire’s Call is final ruling.

10. Batting out of order is an automatic out.

11. When batting, you must start your swing with both feet definitively inside the batters box lines. No leaning out over the plate to block a breaking pitch. You can remain still in the batters box or elect to move out of the way of a pitch. Moving into a pitch is prohibited. First time you will receive a warning, and the pitch count is reset to what it was before the call. Second time is an automatic out. Third time you will be asked not to bat anymore for your team in the tournament. Ruling by Umpire is final!!!

12. No Aluminum Bats.  Only Yellow "Original" Butter Bats and Louisville Slugger Plastic Bats (Black/Blue/Yellow/Green).  Commissioner must be shown any bat that you plan to use in game that you have brought.

13. Pitchers are allowed to be substituted in and out repeatedly during a game. If you abuse the rule to a level that the game is being delayed, you will be dealt with by the commissioner!

14. Only official Whiffleballs are allowed to be used.  No altered balls of any kind can be used. If you knowingly throw an illegal ball, you will be ejected from the game. The batters count is reset for the new pitcher. A batter has the right to call time and have the Umpire examine the ball for cracks or breaks before the pitcher starts his wind-up. If the Umpire feels that you didn’t call time early enough, the pitch plays as called. Officially, a ball is deemed illegal if it has a break on a seam, or a crack greater than ¾” long. Please if see a suspect ball throw it out, we have plenty of replacements.

15. A player isn’t allowed to be inserted into a line-up after a game has started. Line-ups must be complete before your first at bats of the game.

16. In a case where something unexpected or uncovered in these rules happens the Umpire of the game will convene with the commissioner to discuss the game. All rulings are final! We are human and we don’t always make the right calls, so please don’t get caught up in the emotion of a call and launch a drunken tirade that will no doubt be captured on film and end up on youtube. These rules have been developed over 11 years as new controversial events happen each and every year.

17. Enjoy yourself! The Venn Memorial Tournament only happens once every 365 days +/-, and it’s all about getting your teams name on The Wrily Cup. Play Ball!!!!

17a. The commissioner reserves the right to make, change, or remove any rule, at anytime. Any Umpire deemed to be calling a game unfairly will be asked to leave, not the game, but the tournament. Any Player, if deemed disruptive, can be asked to go by the commissioner. Please remember a lot of work goes into this day before anyone even steps foot on the fields. If you feel that the commissioner is being unfair towards you, to bad, maybe you shouldn’t have pissed the commissioner off. The commissioner is a pretty fair guy, so if you pissed him off on game day, you are really screwing up.

18.  Championship Game is only one game.